Loading Dock Levelers & Lifts

A dock leveler acts as a bridge to safely allow the transfer of goods from a semi-trailer, truck or rail car to the building and vice-versa. The height differences between the truck and the building, the type of goods handled and the material handling equipment used are a few of the factors that can determine which dock leveler is best for your application. We offer many types of dock levelers to fit a variety of applications. The most common is a pit-mounted type leveler. It stores when not in use and allows for a relatively secure and sealed building. The means to position the levelers into and out of the truck can vary. Various operating systems include:

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Air (low pressure, high-volume)
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical Hybrid

Specialty pit- type dock levelers include:

  • Telescoping Lip
  • Vertical Storing
  • Flex-Lip
  • Barrier Lip
  • Oversized

When site conditions make a pit style leveler not feasible, there are other solutions:

  • Free-standing frames
  • Mast Lifts
  • Scissors/ Dock Lifts

Certain applications may not require a pit. Simple solutions include:

  • Edge of Dock levelers (EOD)
  • Dock Boards
  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Ramps

No matter what type of leveler you need, our professional team can help you identify the best solution. Not all businesses, buildings and budgets are created equal. Let us find the solution that will fit for you.