LED-Loading Dock Light

DL Manufacturing, the leader in dock lighting presents the newest innovation in LED dock lights. Our Series 450 design offers the unique combination of complete trailer illumination, 85,000 hours of LED life and light output that is easy on the eyes. The LED Versa Light features the same multi-position flexible tube that resists door impact as our standard halogen models with the added benefit of LED technology.

Versa LED Light Saves Time and Money
Our patented design offers up to 85,000 hours in LED life, which is equivalent to nearly 10 years of continuous operation. This is 70% greater than other LED dock lights. LEDs do not have a filament and therefore, are better suited to withstand shock and vibration at your loading dock. Additionally, our LEDs are protected by an aluminum heat sink, contributing to their durability. Our fan is rated at 85,000 hours along with all of the internal components, and thermal protection is included as a failsafe. Unlike screw-in style LEDs or CFLs, the LED Versa Light head is securely fastened to the flex tube assembly. These features help reduce maintenance and repair costs.

The LED Versa Light offers two critical features important for dock safety. First, the LED Versa Light fully illuminates the entire 8’x 53’ area of a trailer, front to back, side to side and top to bottom. In addition, we have engineered the LED light output with a color temperature ideal to working in an enclosed trailer, color temperature of 3100 and color rendering of 80. Other LED dock lights have a harsh spotlight effect, blinding dock workers and contributing to accidents and injuries. (See Color Temperature Chart)

LED Loading Dock Light

LED Loading Dock Light

The LED Versa Light provides sustainability by ensuring quality and performance for the long term – minimizing your cost of ownership.