Loading Dock Repair

The entire client foundation of Dock & Door Tec was built on repairs. Simply put, we get it. Every client’s needs are different. Some manage by budget, others by growth, some by compliance and a multitude of other criteria. We act as business partners to ensure the work we perform meets up with your needs. We can address all problems with loading dock equipment, HVLS fans and doors. Everything from electrical issues to mechanical failure to adjustments—if a repair is possible, we can do it.


With loading dock equipment and doors, there are often broken or failed parts. What can be easily missed is the reason the part failed. Our technicians are trained to get to the root of the problem and fix it the right way so the problem doesn’t come back.

Parts Replacement and/or Upgrade?

In many cases, an upgrade or improved component or kit can replace a high-failure rate part for the same price. We track and document these situations so our technicians know when an upgrade would make sense for you—and for your budget.

YES – Both Docks & Doors

It’s true! Our technicians are fully trained to service all types and brands of both dock equipment and doors (plus HVLS fans). Of course, our service trucks are set up with parts and the proper tools as well. This means you can make one call (or cut one PO), and our technicians can get you up and running. We simply do not sub-contract out service work, so you always know you’re getting a fully qualified professional. More than just Docks & Doors we regularly make repairs to concrete bumper corners, rear curb angles and more. In many cases, we can greatly reduce your downtime and repair costs. If you have equipment in need of repair, we can provide the fix. Contact us today for all your repair needs.

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