Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance Program:

Every piece of equipment needs proper maintenance to continue functioning at peak level. Often referred to simply as PM or PMP, Planned Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance is essential to keep your equipment working. At DDT, we prefer more than just “working” equipment. That’s why we have a Proactive Maintenance Program. The difference between our proactive program and a run-of-the mill PM program is significant. Our program offers the traditional offerings, often including:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Operational check
  • Adjustment
  • Inspection

The Dock & Door Tec industry exclusive Proactive Maintenance Program features:

  • OSHA/AIB/USDA etc. compliance
  • Asset protection and listing
  • Capital expenditure budget planning for future equipment upgrades or replacement
  • A true detailed fine tooth comb inspection
  • Training for your personnel (operation & maintenance)
  • Assistance with relative safety procedures & policies
  • Higher level programs offering asset cost tracking, consumable items management and documentation are available
  • Basic programs that provide operational or walk through checks are also available
  • Flexibility as we can customize our program to fit your needs and truly make this your program, not ours

Don’t settle for a basic maintenance program that leaves your equipment in barely working condition. If you have a maintenance program in place, are you getting what you are paying for? To find out check out our Man-to-Man Challenge

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