Our Story

We are built on the simple principle that our customers deserve the best.  So how did we get to where we are today?  By providing great customer service and the top solutions in an ever changing industry. Here’s our story:

Founded in 2006, we have gone through several phases of growth and continue to gain market share because of our constant desire to be innovative, improve internally and provide value-based solutions for our clients.

The company was started by Jay Anderson, an industry expert with a unique industry background.

In 2006, Jay identified a need for a new industry leader that focused on client need.  He founded Dock & Door Tec and returned to work as a service technician.  This allowed for the creation of one of the finest service technician training programs within the industry.  Developing technicians and employees that have a deep industry knowledge and empowering them to take care of the client have been paramount to the success of our company.

We were originally located out of Jay’s home.  With two young children at home, this was a very short-lived arrangement.  The company moved to an office in Burns Township, then to a rental property in Anoka, and finally to the current home, a purchased property in Nowthen Industrial Park located in Elk River, MN.  Future growth plans are in the works.


SuperTech Day 2018

In celebration of our amazing service technicians we celebrated Supertech Day 2018 with a steak and eggs breakfast. Many thanks to our service technicians!


Nowthen Heritage Festival

A day of celebrating a wonderful community and great friends

Christmas Party 2018

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday in December – shooting your co-workers in full on paintball wars!  It was an absolute blast!