AIT World Wide Logistics

“We had a dock that was red tagged by another company, they quoted us a new dock leveler and told me that it would be a few weeks before it came in. Dock & Door Tec came in, took a look and told me that they could rebuild the one I had for a whole lot less than buying a new one! And since this was one of my busiest docks they also said that I wouldn’t have to wait weeks for the repair. A few days later one of DDT’s technicians, Aaron, came out and pulled the dock and rebuilt it right outside the dock area. The dock was back up later that day working as well as it ever had. This is only one example of why you should always get a second opinion, DDT did what others said can’t be done!” Linda Miller AIT World Wide Logistics, Eagan, MN Recent work includes providing and installing security gates on dock doors to meet TSA security requirements, various dock leveler repairs and a major rear hinge and transition replacement on a dock leveler.


“Dock & Door Tec Inc. has provided exceptional service and value on dock equipment at Smead Manufacturing Company since 2006, whether it is planned maintenance or urgent repair.”

Linda Rowan – Smead Manufacturing

Christopher & Banks

“Dock and Door Tec installed a 24’ High Five HVLS fan for us in our Distribution Center, the fan has done a fantastic job moderating the temperature in our facility as well as making a significant impact on employee comfort. We are planning to work with DDT to add additional HVLS fans to our DC.” Richard Perket Director of Global Logistics Christopher and Banks – Plymouth, MN

Orton Development Inc.

The company I work with owns multiple commercial properties throughout the United States. During the course of my thirty-five years in the industry, I have worked with dozens of contractors to repair our dock levelers and commercial drive-in doors. Recently, we acquired two additional buildings in St. Paul, MN that had numerous docks and doors that were in need of service and many would have been considered “beyond repair”. Being new to the area, I found Dock and Door Tec via the internet. Since my first contact with them, I have been impressed with every aspect of their service including the sales staff, office staff, and service technicians. In my opinion, they have out-performed any contractor I have used on our past properties. Many of the dock levelers and doors at the buildings were in such bad shape, that I felt the job would be cost-prohibitive or take too long to repair, however, I have been pleasantly surprised. Dock and Door Tec had every dock and door working within a few days and kept me up to date while the work was being performed. Their service technicians are knowledgeable beyond compare and the level of communication is excellent. We have since installed several doors in new openings, and I feel Dock and Door Tec was there every step of the way to ensure we had the right door for each specific condition. Dock and Door Tec will remain a vital team member of our maintenance programs. Rod Musson Asset Manager, Orton Development Inc.

Kowalski’s Markets

“We invested in dock blankets from Dock & Door Tec. We have seen an increase in employee comfort and a decrease in our energy costs. The simple mounting brackets make it easy to store the blankets on the doors when we are busy and keep them on the dock when we are not. The dock blankets are well worth the investment.” Tom Schwintek Kowalski’s Markets Woodbury, MN

Lawrence Transportation

“My relationship with DDT goes back to 1999 and their expertise has proven to me time and time again to be beneficial. Both my dock doors and dock levelers are quite old and also get a lot of use (abuse) as I load and unload upwards of 60 trucks per day. If it is something my maintenance guys can’t fix, they are prompt on sending techs over to fix major repairs with limited down time. I would recommend Dock and Door Tec to anyone. I wish I could have more vendors like them.” Louie Byrne Warehouse Manager Lawrence Transportation

Terning Seeds

“We had some very old dock levelers which we found out were an odd size when we started looking for replacements. One of the levelers had failed completely and was not safe to use. Dock & Door Tec was the only company able to provide custom-built dock levelers to fit our existing pits. This saved us from having to shut down our dock area and saved us some money by not having to do any concrete work. The service technician, Aaron, was very professional and he did a great job on the installation. I would recommend Dock & Door Tec to anyone.”

Dan Mol
Terning Seeds

Hastings Cooperative Creamery Co.

“Dock and Door Tec Inc. is a very professional company from the quoting, installation and clean up of the job site. We have been extremely satisfied with the work quality, their punctuality and the manufacturers they represent. “ David Zwart Hastings Cooperative Creamery Co.


“I have worked with Dock & Door Tec since 2006. They have been very effective at keeping our dock equipment and doors working while controlling costs. The key has been a consistent proactive maintenance program we implemented and have followed.” Jim Kalis Operations Manager Napa DC Owatonna

TCR Corp

One of my main levelers had a blow out in the rear hinge area. In fact, our normal service guys said that it was un-repairable and had to be replaced. On top of that, they told me that the dock was unsafe and that I couldn’t use it until we replaced it. Along came Dock & Door Tec, they agreed that the leveler shouldn’t be used but they disagreed on the repair. One of Dock & Door Tec’s guys came out here with their big red crane truck and removed the leveler from its pit. He then commenced to cutting the rear off the dock and after a bunch of grinding, more cutting and a ton of welding, he had my dock back in its pit, all leveled and welded in. Thanks to Dock & Door Tec my company saved a lot of money on a costly replacement and I got my dock back. I’d call this a win-win!

Dave Sandvig
TCR Corp,
Mpls, MN


“Since we have started to work with DDT I have seen a level of service and professionalism that I hadn’t seen in the loading dock industry before. They have never steered me wrong and I look forward to a long business relationship!”

Darold Windorski
Elk River, MN
Recent work includes providing and installing Dynaco High Speed Slimline doors, Dock seal “L” pads, leveler repairs and proactive maintenance.