Air Curtains / Screens & Bug Doors

A common problem we see is the infiltration of pests, bug, dirt and dust into facilities. While we can do amazing things with our weather seal packages, there is still often a need for additional measures, especially while a door is open. Many facilities also want to allow air flow without all of the bugs and dirt that come with it. Dock & Door Tec has a wide range of solutions. We are proud to partner with the leading manufacturers:

Powered Aire industrial air curtains feature:
  • Controlled blowers and housings mount (typically) on the inside of an opening and force a column of air downward, preventing air movement through the opening
  • Manufactuered with high-quality 304 stainless steel, making them ideal for the food industry, coolers, loading dock areas and in the toughest of environments
  • Ideal for both bug and climate control.
Horman Flexon roll-up bug screens feature:
  • Screen curtain rolls up on a motorized, chain-operated drum
  • 10 oz per square yard screen panel keeps out the bugs and lets the breeze flow through
  • Foam filled bottom draft seal
Rasco Bug Blocker Doors feature:
  • Functioning like a sectional door and often able to use part of the same track, these doors are a dependable solution for pest control
  • Large variety of mesh styles for different applications
  • Also available are screen door inserts, chain link security doors, expanded metal security doors and air inlet screen panels
Chase Doors feature:
  • Many models and types to choose from for bug and rodent control
  • Can be custom-built for your opening and to fit your exact needs
  • Bug-tight vestibules for the toughest applications
  • Manual or powered doors, roll-up and slider doors offer a door for every application

With compliance issues a big concern, Dock & Door Tec can help apply the correct solution to ensure you remain compliant. With experience in Homeland Security, GFSI, AIB, HACCP, USDA, FSIS, FDA, SFQ, BRC and more, our expert account reps can help you with any application.