Often disregarded as a non-critical part of the loading dock, dock bumpers are actually the most important part. Everything on the loading dock layout is measured in inches. A missing or worn bumper can cause thousands of dollars in damage and create safety hazards. Dock bumpers are critical because they:

  • Protect your building and loading dock equipment (leveler, dock seal/shelter etc.)
  • Ensure proper truck placement for the correct lip purchase (see ANSI MH.14.1) and engagement of the dock lock (Truck restraint)
We stock hundreds of choices of dock bumpers in various sizes and types, including:
  • Molded
  • Laminated
  • Steel Faced
  • Spring Steel
  • Pneumatic
  • Above dock bumper brackets, extensions, build-outs, bumper backing plates and Iron-Head plating are all available

A properly applied and installed loading dock bumper should never come off the wall or even come loose. There is a fine art to properly installing these due to all of the moving variables on a loading dock. Be sure your installer guarantees the bumper will stay there forever. If they cannot offer this, how can you be sure they really know what they are doing? Dock & Door Tec will get it right. The first time. Give us a call today to get started.