Cold Storage Telescoping Lip / Vertical Storing & Rail Car Levelers

Commonly known as Cold Storage levelers, the Telescoping Lip and Vertical Storing Levelers are often used when cleanliness and environmental facility controls are a priority.

Simply put, the NorDock Telescoping Lip Leveler (TLH) is the ultimate in loading dock levelers.

Here's why:
  • Stores horizontally (safer than vertical)
  • Stores completely behind the loading dock door so the insulated door closes on the pit floor (No gaps & no light!)
  • Faster operation, the TLH lip extends after a slight raise of the deck
  • Precise lip control increases efficiency, reduces product damage and eliminates end-loading issues
  • Better use of space with no need for bulky bollards and stanchions
  • No side run-off guards so less forklift tire and product damage, reducing costs
  • Equipped with maintenance mode, raises vertically for easy cleaning and service
  • A long list of options including longer lip, Logi-Smart integrated controls, interlock with truck restraints, doors and lights and more

The Vertical Storing Telescoping Lip Leveler (NVTL) is the first-ever vertical storing leveler without a rotating lip. If you need climate control and want your loading dock to help increase your business efficiencies, this is a big deal. Rotating lips are the root of many dock problems.

Why the NVTL is a better solution:
  • Completely eliminates time-consuming issues with end loads
  • Precise lip control eliminates product damage
  • No vehicle restraint damage or clearance issues
  • Increased climate control
  • No interference from a rotating lip allows for the only Bumper to Bumper barrier – the first true pit seal
  • No high failure mechanical switches typically found on vertical levelers (High tech sensors are used)
  • Longer equipment life with no rotating lip hinge components
  • Options include integrated combo controls (Logi-Smart), vehicle restraints, seals & shelters
The NorDock Vertical Storing (NV) leveler also offers significant advantages:
  • Engineered for superior climate control, security and energy efficiency
  • Inside vertical storage allows for overhead dock doors to fully close to pit floor
  • Protects dock door from damage and impact from fork trucks
  • Power-up and power-down deck operation for a safer vertical storing leveler
  • Emergency stop and full lip controls
  • Self-cleaning lip hinge avoids nuisance service calls
  • Superior design allows NV levelers to fit into all sized existing pits, re-using embedded channel thus eliminating the need for concrete work
  • Options include longer lips, foam-filled front pit seal, integrated Logi-Smart control panels to operate truck restraints (dock locks), doors, lights and more

In addition to the levelers listed above, we also offer rail car docks. The NorDock Boxcar series dock model NR features:

  • Designed for safe and efficient loading of rail cars
  • Side shift rail
  • Longer lip length, higher capacities and larger sizes

Contact us today to get started on identifying the best leveler for your specific application and needs.