Cooler / Freezer

Chase Doors are a leader in the industrial door industry, and Dock & Door Tec is proud to be their partner. With innovative designs, great products, and a team of experts and engineers to assist, they are an obvious choice when it comes to freezer and cooler doors. While no two applications are identical, many cold storage facilities experience the same problems. Avoid the typical frosting, moisture and sealing issues found with lesser doors. Look to Dock & Door Tec and Chase Doors to offer:

  • Available in vertical lift, sliding, bi-parting and swinging models
  • Manual and motorized/powered with many activation and safety accessories available
  • Premium materials and engineering such as magnetized gasket seals, concealed floor guide system and unique track design provide the ultimate seal and performance
  • All doors are manufactured to your exact requirements
  • With almost unlimited options, contact your account rep for more details.

In some applications, a vinyl door will work well. A choice for this is the Dynaco Freezer High Speed Roll-up Door, featuring:

  • Operating speed of 96 inches per second open and 48″ per second close
  • Heated side guides
  • Berner heat & forced air unit available to minimize moisture & condensation
  • The safest high speed roll-up door available
  • Egress option available

Contact us today for the best solution in freezer and cooler doors.