Dock Lights & Communication Lights

When someone calls us asking about loading dock lights, we always have to ask, “Do you mean the lights used to light up the inside of the trailer or the red/green lights used for communicating with truck drivers?” Fortunately, we offer both.

Communication Lights feature:
  • Also know as red / green lights, no-go lights, safety lights, Dok-Com or safety signals
  • LED for long life and low cost of ownership
  • Can be installed independently or with dock locks
  • Each dock door can be equipped with two red/green lights, one mounted on the inside and the other outside, visible through the truck driver’s mirror
  • Can be interlocked with a door, or they can be independently operated with a selector switch
  • Easy to use and easy on the budget, these lights reduce your risk
Dock Lights:
  • Mount to the wall adjacent to the dock door
  • Swing into the opening to illuminate a trailer during loading and unloading
  • Wide range of flexible Halogen and LED lights to fit any application and budget
  • Can be interlocked with other equipment

Contact us for a free demonstration on how dock or communication lights can help you reduce your risk and prevent accidents.