Dock Seal & L-Pad Seal

Dock & Door Tec is proud to offer NorDock and Hugger dock seals and L-Pads.

The traditional compression type dock seal is typically used on dock door openings less than 10′ wide x 10′ high. As the truck compresses the seal when backing in, loading dock bumpers are critical for the proper seal and to prevent premature failure.

The advantages of NorDock and Hugger dock seals and L-pads include:
  • Increased employee comfort
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Control cleanliness on the loading dock
  • Avoid damaged product
  • Increased safety (keep moisture off of loading dock area and equipment)
  • Prevent building damage and improperly docked trucks as yellow alignment stripes help assist truck driver while backing
There are a variety of options and ways to build the best dock seal or L-pad for your application, including:
  • Various types of fabrics and wear pleats to meet different budgets and specifications as well as to increase the life expectancy of the dock seals
  • Varying projections to work with approach and building conditions
  • A multitude of bevels, face coverage area, and drop curtain lengths to fit any dock application need
  • Metal or wood backer construction
  • Flameproof and fire retardant materials are available
  • Reduced crush or extended build-outs depending on your needs
  • Various dock seal models are available with head pads, head curtains, and even a Seal-Tite side pad to seal the hinge gap on swinging trailer doors
  • L-pads, or Huggers as they were originally known, can offer a seal on the truck without impeding on the opening. This can be of great benefit if full-width access is needed when loading or unloading the truck.

There are a multitude of options available to enhance the quality of the dock seal and its life. Talk to your account rep to determine the best fit for your needs. In some cases, your existing dock seals can be recovered, extending the life of the dock seals.

When choosing dock seals, don’t fall for gimmicky names and fancy over-built solutions. Quite often the tried-and-true is the best fit, the best seal, and the best choice. Contact us today to make sure you get the best solution for you.