Dockboards, Dockplates & Dock Ramps

Dock & Door Tec offers a large variety of mobile and stationary loading dock plate, dock board and ramp solutions. We offer the following:

Dock boards:
  • Stored out of the way when not in use
  • After a truck properly docks, the dock board is set into place
  • Steel or aluminum curbs for strength and to prevent side run-off
  • Large variety of sizes and capacities are available
  • For use with forklifts, electric pallet trucks and more
Dock Plates:
  • Stored out of the way when not in use
  • After a truck properly docks, the dock plate is set into place
  • No curbs, better for tight turning needs
  • Limited weight capacity, suited for dollies and pallet jacks
Ground-to-Dock Ramps:
  • Allows for drive-in access to your warehouse if a groundline door is not present
  • Available in steel, aluminum, mobile and permanent, plus in a variety of capacities and sizes.
Yard or Forklift Ramps:
  • Also known as mobile ramps, these beasts allow unloading of a semi-trailer without the need for a building
  • Great for outside unloading or when the warehouse is out of room
  • Often used with an edge of dock leveler or a free-standing pit frame, these ramps can greatly increase efficiencies and reduce risk
Rental Ramps:
  • Dock & Door Tec has a variety of ramps available for rent, if your needs are short-term in nature, this is worth a look
Used Ramps:
  • Inventory is always changing, so give us a call or contact us about availability
Rail boards:
  • Rugged steel boards are designed for rail car use
  • Standard lifting loops (chains are an option)
  • Rectangle or flared design
  • A variety of other designs are available to fit your needs

Custom built ramps, plates or boards are available. If you don’t think one of the above products will fit your needs, give us a call. We have partnered with many clients to help them with their special application.