Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers are a great option, in the right application. If dock heights and truck heights line up closely, this style of leveler may work well. These levelers are often called EODS, wall mount leveler, or edge mount levelers. Attached to the building wall, Edge of Dock levelers are much safer than dockboards or dockplates. They can often be installed without concrete work, making them an economical choice. Dock & Door Tec has a few different brands to choose from:

Copperloy Edge of Dock levelers feature:
  • Economical & well-built unit
  • Mechanical EOD’s operates with a simple pull of the handle, lifting the leveler and a push forward will extend the lip into the the truck
  • Hydraulic EOD’s operate with the push of a button operated for a safer and more efficient dock
  • Available in various widths, lip lengths, and capacities of 20,000 & 30,000 pound static rating
NorDock Edge of Dock levelers feature:
  • Self-cleaning lug lip hinge design
  • Capacities from 20,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • 16″ or 18″ lip
  • Emergency stop control (Hydraulic model only)
  • Customized lip taper, lip chamfer and lip crown
  • Steel face bumpers
  • Barrier lip
  • Can be used for side loading on flatbed application
  • Available in a mechanical, full hydraulic, and a hydraulic deck with mechanical lip model

If you require a greater service range due to dock height variances or a greater variety of trucks serviced, the EZ-Dock and EZ-Dock II from NorDock are a great solution. These docks are often referred to as top-of-dock or surface mount dock levelers. These are hydraulic docks and can often be installed without concrete work. An interior ramp can be added for increased service range.

Contact us today for more information on an Edge of Dock leveler solution that meets your needs.