Energy Saving / Employee Comfort

Dock & Door Tec has partnered with many clients to help increase employee comfort (which increases employee engagement and efficiency) while reducing costs and energy loss. The most common ways we have helped:

  • Improve the current door or dock with an inspection and service. Many small items are often missed during an installation. Contact your account rep to set up a free analysis.
  • Curtain Walls: Designed to section off a small work area or an entire warehouse, these industrial insulated barriers can control an environment, reduce air flow and help prevent sound transfer.
  • Dock Blankets: With several models to choose from, these can greatly improve the conditions inside a loading dock while keeping it clean.
  • Dock corner seal: While loading and unloading trucks, the pesky lower corners are always tough to seal. We have several solutions for this.
  • Leveler Koozi: Dock levelers are like ice cubes in a glass of water and can rapidly cool down an area in the dead of winter. Insulate the underside with the Leveler Koozi.
  • Weather seal: Not all weather seal is created equal. We have some that is so good we can’t even talk about it on our website. Give your account rep a call to learn how our weather seal is superior for blocking wind and rodents.

In addition to the products and solutions listed above we also offer:

Contact Dock & Door Tec to find out how you can improve employee comfort and increase energy savings today.