Fabric Roll-up

Demand for fabric doors at a lower cost than traditional high-speed fabric doors is on the rise. If you have an opening which needs to be protected and does not have a high-cycle count, this could be the type of door for you. Dock & Door Tec has several choices for these applications:

Chase Doors feature:

  • Simplistic design and low cost solution
  • Customizable to fit the most unique scenarios, including machinery guarding
  • Available in roll-up and sliding models
  • Manual, chain hoist or internal and external motorized/operated models available

Hormann Flexon:

  • No frills motorized design with constant contact operation
  • Operates at 14″ per second open and close
  • Automatic closing is available and would include light grid for added safety and UL 325 compliance

Contact us today for a cost-effective fabric door solution for your application.