Impactable Dock Doors

A busy and crowded loading dock is a dangerous combination. Typically the bumps and bruises are given to the dock door. Staging product and moving material often results in panel damage to the typical sectional door. A dent or bump can create a gap on the side or bottom of a sectional door, requiring critical adjustments for these types of doors to seal. The better solution in these tough environments is an impactable dock door.

When impactable dock doors were first available, Dock & Door Tec tested many of them. None of the doors met our standards until DL Manufacturing introduced the MxV door. Finally, a knock out type door that worked as a door should. No gaps on the sides or bottom, no installation headaches and no issues. While the MxV is still available and works great, two other models are also now available: the PxV and the QxV. The best model is dependent on your needs. Your account rep can partner with you to determine the best fit.

These doors offer many features, including:

  • Very high R-rated insulated panels and low U-Value rating, for the most demanding facilities and environments
  • Self-correcting: if the door is impacted, simply open and close to reset
  • Patented polymer guide system allows for a continuous seal without nuisance rollers that are costly and ineffective
  • Available with money saving counterbalance system versus springs (which are costly to replace)
  • Full perimeter seal to fully keep out the light, pests and the elements
  • Available in vertical lift, high lift and standard radius design
  • Many options are available including vision panels, track guards and high cycle applications

Contact us today to find the best impactable dock door for your application and needs