Mechanical Levelers

We proudly offer NorDock mechanics levelers. Built with the same high-quality NorDock structure, these levelers are made to last.

There are three primary models available: Industrial, Heavy-Metal and Constructor.

The Industrial Model features:
  • A self-cleaning front lug design with a full header
  • Full welding on stringers to header
  • 33% weld on stringers to deck and the continuous rear hinge (for strength and smooth-transition)
  • Age proven box-design offers the best-built leveler available
  • Easy and safe operation with an auto-descent (walk-out) lip extension design
  • Eliminates the commonly used parts in a flip lip design that have a very high failure rate
  • Auto-sensing holdown
  • 4″ side-to-side tilt with no pinch due to continuous rear hinge design
  • Service range of 12″ above and 12″ below dock
  • Structural warranty of 20-years on the front and rear hinges and 10-years on the remaining structure

The Heavy-Metal Model features a full piano-style front hinge and many of the same benefits as the Industrial model at a slightly lower price.

The Constructor Model is designed for light use applications. An age-old box design with piano type hinge tubes offers a lower upfront cost option.

What in the world is Stump Out?

One common problem (and huge cost of ownership) with mechanical levelers is stump out. Stump out is the result of the lack of retraction of cross traffic legs. The legs interfere with the vertical movement of a dock leveler that naturally occurs during loading and unloading. Rollers and spring-loaded cross traffic legs do not solve the stump out problem and add to the cost of ownership. They are high failure rate parts and are in constant danger and motion during loading and unloading. Dock & Door Tec has a zero-cost solution for stump out. Be sure to ask your account rep how Dock & Door Tec solves stump out permanently.