Rain Stops / Canopies

The ever-present challenge of our Midwest weather is real and won’t go away. You can combat rain and water infiltration from melting snow with metal canopies, the NorDock Rainshield 5000, or the NorDock Rain-Stop 9000.

Metal Canopies feature:
  • Designed to mount above foam dock seals, shelters or L-Pads
  • Canopy is sealed to the building wall during installation to prevent water from running down on top of dock seal/shelter
  • Typically installed with snow load cables to further protect dock/seal shelter from potential collapse
  • Galvanized finished for long life
  • Rain gutter style face edge and raked design for improved water runoff
  • A large variety of projections and widths are available to service any man door, dock door or ground line door
For use on loading docks, a step up from a metal canopy is the NorDock Rainshield 5000, featuring:
  • Prevents water runoff from the top of the semi-trailer into the loading dock
  • A double 50oz WT-90 vinyl-wrapped foam filled wiper makes positive contact with the trailer top acting as a water dam, forcing the water off the sides of the trailer

For application requiring various truck heights, the Rain-Stop Model RS-9000 is the best choice. A multi-lobe wiper makes contact with the top of the trailer and will effectively seal a variety of truck heights. This model is often combined with an L-Pad or shelter as a complete light and water eliminating solution

Contact your rep to determine the best fit for your application and needs.