Rubber Doors

Rubber Doors: Often used in the mining industry, these doors define tough. Able to fit the largest of openings and perform in the toughest environments, rubber doors are the ultimate industrial door.

We offer the Dynaco S731 Rubber door, featuring:

  • Maximum size of 30′ wide x 35′ high (larger doors are available depending upon application)
  • Rubber curtain is made of styrene-butadiene rubber with excellent abrasion and aging qualities
  • Opens up to 60″ per second and 24″ per second close
  • 72″ high through beam light curtain
  • Wireless safety edge
  • Continuous full height wind lock
  • Dynalogix II controls with encoder and VFD drive
  • Click here to learn more about the Dynaco S731 Rubber Door.

As with other industrial doors, these doors are built to fit each opening. Contact your rep to determine if a rubber door is the best solution for your needs.