Soft-Sided & Rigid Shelters

Dock & Door Tec is proud to offer Nordock and Hugger dock shelters. Dock shelters are typically used on openings larger than 10’x 10′ or in applications where a larger projection dock enclosure is needed, such as with lift gate trucks.

There are two basic categories of dock shelters: rigid frame and foam framed.

NorDock & Hugger Rigid frame shelters offer:
  • Frame mounts out of the way from backing trucks
  • As the docking truck backs into position, it contacts the side and head curtain of the shelter which acts as a wiper on the sides and roof of the truck
  • Spring steel or fiberglass stays keep the curtains in place and tight against the trailer for a great seal
  • Full access to the truck for loading and unloading
  • Frames can be constructed of wood or steel with translucent fiberglass covering to allow in light and keep out the weather
  • Steel iron guards protect and support the dock shelter side frames
  • Raked header allows for water runoff
  • Draft pads to seal the lower bumper area in the corner of the door
  • A variety of high-quality fabrics are available, depending on your need and budget
  • The rigid frame unit is also available in a retractable frame model to better protect itself from an errant backing truck
  • Snow load cables or supports for the toughest Midwest winters
Options include:
  • Terminator Gap seal for the hinge on trailer doors
  • Tough-Split header curtain prevents tears due to pressure and truck corners
  • Extended curtains, common member frames, oversized and low profile units for limited or unusual applications
  • Water trough for runoff
  • Various colors

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