Under-Leveler Dock Seal

With energy rebates available and energy costs on the rise, many businesses are looking to save wherever they can.  One place for potential savings is under your dock leveler. 

Historically disregarded as something that could not be controlled, the under-leveler seal is changing that opinion.  You can master the fourth side of the dock opening and save money with our under-leveler seals.

Advantages to adding under-leveler seal:

  • Increase cleanliness: Since it seals up the front of the dock leveler pit, it prevents unwanted dirt, moisture, and pests from getting into the leveler pit and the building
  • Energy savings: The under-leveler seal prevents energy transfer through the dock leveler, which reduces your energy costs
  • Full 18-month money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied, neither are we
  • State and local rebates available: Ask your Account Manager for help and information

Since one brand cannot fit all due to the large variety of dock leveler designs, we offer several brands to choose from.  By working with multiple manufacturers, we can provide and install a seal which will continue to work without being destroyed during the loading and unloading process.