Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

The loading dock can be a brutal place. To keep it friendly for your employees and energy bill, you should have some type of dock enclosure installed. This is especially true in the Midwest and/or if you are trying to control an environment within your facility. Dock enclosures can be put onto to any sized dock door or a ground line door application. Even dock doors without levelers can have enclosures installed. Choosing the correct enclosure depends on your door size, approach area, bumper projection, usage, type of trucks, type of loads, and several other variables. Types of dock enclosures include:

  • Dock seals, also known as compression seals, dock pads, covers, foam pads
  • L-Pad dock seals, also known as wiper pads or flex pads
  • Shelters, several types including rigid and foam framed
  • Rail shelters
  • Pneumatic or inflatable dock seals
  • Under leveler dock seals, also called pit seals or pit master
  • Rain stops and canopies

Contact us today to get the dock enclosure that will protect your equipment, your employees, and your bottom line.