3 Things You Need To Know Facilities Management in 2020

In 2020, priority leads. Priority-based on true data can greatly increase effectiveness while backing decisions with information that implies accuracy in response. Expected response time for a minimum acknowledgment of an existing issue and plan implementation is 14 hours! Planning for all potential occurrences means minimizing response time on implementation and acknowledgment. Commonly, proactive maintenance procedures will leave you ahead if detailed reporting is provided.

  • Time is money. Out of service equipment can cost more than the time and money it would take to prioritize and lead in facilities maintenance. Expect in advance the unexpected. Knowing how you will handle the inevitable reduces reactivity time and awareness prepares for potential lack of workforce, budget, software, vendor connections and more.
  • Opportunity cost is defined here as differential between a paid labor cost if you were to take that employee out of the workforce for a given amount of time to handle a task that may not entirely be income-producing to tend to a task that could be handled by an expert in the given industry reducing time on a maintenance task.
  • Upkeep of standardizing administration. Maintaining procedures and practices fit for your industry to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency allocated to employees, operations, facility and business resources.

In facilities management, your position widely affects every position within your company. Proper handling including, but not limited to, numbers weighted by analytics, materials, goods, services, machinery, technology and laborers. You are a full-circle position from maintaining, planning, implementation, production, and future foresight. You predict the unpredictable. You remain profitable, and competitive with an edge on strategy. Management of operations dates to 5000 BC, it’s no wonder we have come so far and expect so much today. We encourage you to take a deep breath and plan for 2020 to stay ahead in facilities.

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