Benefits of Installing Big Fans in Your Warehouse

Big Fans of Big Fans

We’re not talking about the fans who go crazy when you fulfill an order or create a new process.  We’re talking about those really big ones that you may have seen somewhere. The proper name for these big fans are HVLS fans. A high-volume, low-speed fan (HVLS) is a large, commercial-grade fan often used to supplement heating and cooling systems. Unlike ordinary fans that span 36 to 52 inches, HVLS fans have diameters up to 24 feet.  This bigger size allows them to move huge amounts of air while rotating at slow speeds. The blades of the fans are designed to create an enormous column of air that travels down to the floor and outward in all directions. This jet of air travels horizontally (much farther than residential fans), before flowing back up and reentering the fan.

Benefits of an HVLS fan

  • Maintains a comfortable indoor climate – HVLS fans rotate at a gentle 2 to 3 mph, yet can lower the perceived indoor temperature by 10-12 degrees. When it’s cold, you can reverse the fan to disperse warm air that would otherwise stay trapped at the top of the ceiling. This helps increase efficiency, as team members can work in comfort without fighting harsh temperatures or bothersome indoor wind.
  • Saves energy and reduces costs – HVLS fans are perhaps most prized for their ability to reduce dependency on your HVAC system. Costing just pennies an hour to operate HVLS fans could reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%
  • Protects inventory – Products, such as food, that are susceptible to spoilage are especially benefited by an HVLS fan since the fan keeps air circulating throughout the facility. Air circulation is essential to deter mold, mildew, and to generally keep things fresh. Also, in refrigerated environments, you can run the fan in reverse to destratify the air.
  • Reduce moisture  – Good air flow reduces humidity buildup and condensation on walls and floors. This creates a safer workplace.  Floors are less slippery for walkers and drivers
  • Improve air quality – Exhaust and other types of fumes won’t linger in one spot since the fan will disperse them out and away.
  • Can help you acquire LEED certification– With their energy efficiency, promotion of high air quality, and innovation, HVLS fans satisfy several of the requirements needed for earning the title of a “green building.”

There are many sizes and models of HVLS fans.  You can even integrate some with solar power or centralized control centers. HVLS fans can provide immediate advantages for your warehouse, and their energy savings and efficiency-boosting abilities mean you can recoup your investment in a short amount of time.

Check out this article from Hunter’s Senior VP, Jeff Chastian on why you need HVLS fans.

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