How to avoid letting your dock become a trap

Now that the groundhog has gifted us with another six weeks of winter it’s time to sit back, enjoy a warm beverage, and write a quick note to our loyal customers.

Over the past several months I’ve encountered many people who have been frustrated after buying from vendors who lock them in to systems that can only be sold and serviced by one company. These organizations use a pitch that highlights uniformity in the solution. The only solution these frustrated people have witnessed is a growth in the financial demands of the vendor they chose. These “customers” can typically get a great deal from the start but it quickly turns into a nightmare as service calls and replacement parts come at an ultra-premium. The vendor knows they control the show. The good people who purchased or inherited these products feel burnt and don’t always know how to look for a good solution partner to help them achieve their goals with the best value in mind.

Feeling the pain and frustration these people bear is a big motivational factor in me striving to accelerate my business. I believe that building long term business partnerships stems from following the golden rule. My definition of the golden rule in business is consulting with integrity, delivering a master crafted solution, and keeping a fair commitment to delivering value added service. Our clients remain loyal because we at DDT live and breath this through our companies mission, values, and vision.

In the coming months I’m going to be sharing stories about these clients in this newsletter series. You’ll discover how people just like you have innovated their loading docks with the right solutions for their needs. You’ll hear why these clients turned partners believe in our commitment to excellence. Most importantly, you’ll understand that DDT adds value through our lifetime commitment to our craftsmanship and maintenance programs.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to sharing these customer stories in the very near future.

Jay Anderson, Owner

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