I hate that door

As a seasoned industry veteran I have heard “I hate that door” many times in my career. Why would someone hate a door? The root of the problems are due to one or more of these three reasons: wrong application, wrong activation or install/service issues.

Wrong application. As a commercial door and dock equipment dealer we often see a misunderstanding of equipment capability. Perhaps viewing a door in action at a trade show or at another facility and thinking “that will work for us” leads to a poor decision. Understand not all doors are equal. There are so many types and variations it is tough to know them all unless you live in the door industry and provide and service all types of doors. Many door dealers are focused on sectional doors which are typically the lowest performing door available. Be sure to work with a dealer who handles all types of commercial doors such as high speed fabric, high speed steel & security, high performance, impact, sliding, fire and more.

Wrong activation or safeties? A door is only as good as the tools (activation & safeties) used to open/close it. Many factors need to be considered to determine the best method to open/close your doors and keep your personnel safe. Not all applications are the same. Not even close.

Undependable door. How could this happen? Even the best applied door with the right activation will be hated if it was installed wrong or improperly adjusted or serviced. Many door dealers utilized sub-contractors which are paid by the job with no tie-back to quality. A low cost installation will become a big expense for you in the years to follow.

Many reps will simply try to “sell” whatever they have rather than look out for your best interest. Be sure to work with a dealer who can offer multiple solutions on both doors and activation while guaranteeing their workmanship for the life of the installation. Application, activation and proper installation/service will keep you from uttering the words “I hate that door.”

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