Is Your Warehouse On Fire?

Minimizing Facility Down Time

Are you in ‘fire-fighting’ mode when it comes to equipment, repairs and maintenance? Sure, sometimes things happen that are out of anyone’s control but is that the exception or the rule in your facility? Facility Managers understand that there’s a much greater expense in downtime with equipment than saving a few bucks on a less than ideal PM program. Have you ever found yourself in the position of having equipment go down soon after you’ve had your PM? Here’s a few questions you can ask your provider, and yourself, to ensure you’re getting what you need and would expect from a Proactive or Preventive Maintenance program.

  • What is actually happening during my PM?
  • Does your provider actually do a thorough inspection of the equipment to find problems before they arise and become downtime or are they just doing a fly by to get it done?
  • After the PM is complete are you receiving communication from your provider as to the condition of equipment?
  • Is your provider helping you plan for future equipment replacement needs so that they can be budgeted for instead of having them come up as a surprise expense?
  • Are they really a partner and resource that takes the time to understand and learn about your business and needs so that together you can come up with the best, most cost effective long term solutions?
  • Can we do better? Is sticking with the status quo really good enough for your business?

By understanding your own needs you can ensure your provider is meeting them allowing you to focus on your real duties, not fighting fires. At Dock and Door Tec we strive to partner with our clients and help them solve problems with their doors and loading dock equipment. If you’re wondering if you can do better with your PM and service give us a call and let us show you why we think we’re the best in the business. If you are a PM client of ours I thank you for your business. Brett Korinek Dock and Door Tec – Account Manager

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