Proper Dock Equipment, Proper Installation: What is the cost to you?

When planning and configuring a loading dock area in your facility, cost certainly comes into consideration. All too often up-front cost dictates what equipment is installed and who the installers will be. During the bidding process, the end use application fades into the background and jostling for “who can come in at the lowest price” takes precedence.

Some important things to pay attention to during the bidding process. As you are collecting bids, keep in mind your specific or unique needs. Be sure you are working with a company or installer that is going to pay attention to your details. They may not be the least expensive but in the long term, will they stand behind their workmanship and take care of your needs?

There are many instances where incorrect equipment and substandard installation have cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Repairs that, had the proper equipment been installed correctly, would have never hit those companies’ pocket books. Not to mention the possible safety issues that could arise putting their businesses at risk.

Under-rated levelers, edge of docks installed with incorrect service ranges, 10,000 cycle torsion springs installed on doors being cycled 150 to 200 times a day, mounting bolts rubbing on door cables. Do the upfront dollars still look that great? Is saving a little money up front worth the down-time and repair bills that are in store for you?

One simple way to recognize if these issues are affecting your company’s pocket book:

How many times have you had to pay for the same repair over a 2 to 3 year timeframe? If it’s more than 3 times, you may have an equipment or installation issue on your hands.

Three steps to keep your facility running smoothly and in the black:

  • Make sure you talk with potential vendors and that they clearly understand your specific use and needs. Don’t expect to get what you need when you tell them to “Get me a price on a…”
  • If a rep pays attention to your details, they are probably going to pay attention to the details on the project giving you the results you are looking for.
  • Look for companies that will stand behind their products and workmanship and stand with you as a partner.

Your company and employees will thank you.

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