Red Flags When Replacing a Dock Leveler: Parts 4-6

Continued from Red Flags When Replacing a Dock Leveler: Parts 1-3…

  1. #4 — Dock bumpers and mounting surface. This is actually the most critical part of the dock as it protects the dock leveler and the building. The bumpers also properly position the truck to allow it to be secured by truck restraints (dock locks), assuming you’re utilizing them. Older buildings may have cracked or damaged concrete possibly due to improperly installed bumpers. Be sure this is looked at. It is more cost effective to repair during the leveler replacement process. Be careful changing bumper projection or size, this can affect the effectiveness of dock seals or truck restraints (dock locks).
  2. #5 If upgrading to an air or hydraulic leveler that will require electrical work be sure you have a full understanding of the cost. Plus how the electrical panel and wiring will physically fit. This will help avoid surprises and hidden costs once installation begins.
  3. #3 — The ripple effects. Gain a full understanding of your downtime. This will be magnified if you’re doing any additional repairs or work on the loading dock area. Many companies utilize various subcontractors which are very specialized and only work on individual pieces of loading dock equipment. This could potentially drag out your downtime creating other issues for you.

These six red flags are a few of the things that need to be identified prior to starting a project to replace a dock leveler. If you need additional information or are contemplating the best approach feel free to contact me at any time via email:

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