The Biggest ROI In Your Warehouse – Loading Dock Bumpers

What is the biggest ROI on your warehouse? Most valuable of course is the people, your employees and co-workers. However, the item which provides the biggest return on investment are the loading dock bumpers.

Before you laugh at me consider how inexpensive they are compared to the cost of having one fail or come off of the wall. They are the single most important item on the loading dock. Everything on a loading dock layout is measured in inches, when a bumper is missing or worn a backing truck will over penetrate the dock opening causing severe consequences. Truck restraints will not engage properly, dock seals will be over compressed,levelers will get damaged as will building walls.

Over the years I have seen entire dock areas need to have walls repaired and equipment replaced due to bad bumpers. Considering a dock seal can cost $300-$3000, a dock leveler $800-$8000 and wall repairs can exceed $10,000 in repairs why would anyone not replace a dock bumper which only costs $25-$300?
When replacing dock bumpers be sure a full layout is done to ensure the correct projection – this is critical. The size and type of bumper is important as well. There are many types of bumpers, such as molded, laminated, steel faced, spring steel and pneumatic. It is no secret you get what you pay for, this is true with dock bumpers.

When replacing a dock bumper, be sure the installation company guarantees their work. A properly applied, installed and utilized dock bumper will never come off of the wall – make sure your installer guarantees this. Any voids or poor concrete behind the bumper will result in premature failure. Also if no vertical curb angle is present, steel plating should be done. Never anchor a bumper flange on the edge of the dock pit – it will fail. Installation is critical.

Remember how important your dock bumpers are and how much ROI they offer. Be sure to check them on walk through and inspections. All it takes is one backing truck and a missing bumper. Damage will occur.

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions on dock bumpers or loading dock equipment.

Jay Anderson – Owner/Dock & Door Tec

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