Fire Door Drop Testing

Annual Requirement

Fire Door Drop Testing is required annually by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 80).  NFPA 80 is the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.  NFPA 80 covers basic requirements for the maintenance of fire doors (opening protectives).  Opening protectives include:

    • Horizontally sliding doors
    • Vertically sliding fire door
    • Rolling steel doors
    • Fire shutters and service counter fire doors

The Risk

Fire is real and the risk is real.  Insurance companies often enforce NFPA 80 to reduce their risk and yours.  Properly working fire doors can save lives and property.  You can reduce your risk by ensuring your doors are properly applied, installed and tested each year.

What We Do

We recognize there are no gray areas with fire doors.  It is a serious pass-or-fail / life-or-death situation.  Unfortunately, the door industry has failed to properly train the majority of installers and service technicians.  As a result, many of the doors we test fail to meet the minimum guidelines.

We are different.  We spend countless hours on training regarding proper application,  installation and drop-testing.  Therefore we:

  • Offer a no-charge visit to do a visual inspection, performed by your account manager
  • Determine if your doors are serviceable* and properly installed
  • Review your current application(s) with you
  • Partner with you to develop and implement a plan that fits your needs

*If your doors are not serviceable and need replacement, we offer 3 industry-leading brands to choose from.  You can see our offerings here.

Once your doors are brought up to compliant standards you will be supplied with proper signed documentation through DASMA.  In addition, we will establish an annual drop test schedule to ensure that your doors remain compliant and in top working condition.  In many cases we can do this in conjunction with our Proactive Maintenance Program.

If you genuinely want to protect your employees and assets by ensuring your fire doors are compliant, contact us today.

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