Spring Time Critter Team – Keeping Pests Out of Your Loading Dock

It finally appears that we’re done with snow for a few months, keep your fingers crossed. Many things are springing to life as we move into mosquito and construction season. I have recently visited with a couple customers that are fighting a battle with birds and another with bugs. These types of intrusions can bring operations to a screeching halt in many facilities. Pests bring about problems that can range from a minor distraction to safety issues to sanitary problems and inspection failures in medical and food processing environments.

There are many types of solutions to these types of issues:

  1. Bug blocking screens allow airflow while keeping pests out
  2. Making sure you have the correct style and application of dock seal
  3. Sealing of pit leveler with weatherstripping eliminating gaps to the outside
  4. Overhead door adjustment, is your door relatively snug to the opening or are there large gaps? Is the weatherstripping around the door in good shape?

Your loading dock area really is an entire system in which all the components work together to keep the outside out and the inside in. A failure in any one of the areas create the possibility of some of those outside things making their way inside.

We’d be happy to evaluate your facility with you to determine if improvements can be made. Give us call at DDT to have a representative stop out.

Brett Korinek
Account Manager, Dock & Door Tec

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