Door Entrapment Protection

Most of us are familiar with the photo eyes that protect our children or pets at home from a closing garage door. While the quality, technology and choices are far superior on commercial doors, the concept is the same. Every business wants to reduce risk. Proper door entrapment protection is one of the easiest ways to do so. If you have a powered door, make sure it is compliant and safe. You owe it to yourself, the business, the employees and the employees’ families.

UL 325 was revised in 2010, which provides the minimum required entrapment protection for commercial doors. In addition to UL standards, State and Federal OSHA offices have drafted requirements as well.

Dock & Door Tec offers a large number of safety and/or anti-entrapment devices that meet or exceed the safety standards for commercial doors. Most modern operators are compatible and will easily accept safety devices.

Some solutions we offer:

  • Miller Light Curtain
  • Miller electric, wireless reversing edges
  • Various photo eyes and sensors

One concern we often hear about safety devices is the upkeep or maintenance. Most people have experienced photo eyes coming out of alignment or coil cords creating issues. Properly installed, protected, and applied safety devices will actually reduce maintenance issues. Dock & Door Tec can help you determine the best safety/entrapment device for your needs with the best installation method. Contact us to help you avoid problems and reduce your risk.