Door Protection

Door damage is a frequent and recurring event in a busy loading dock area. Many doors are not designed to take a hit. Most door panel damage is caused by staging and overcrowding. There are many ways to protect both the door curtain or panels and the door track.

DDT Custom Built Track guards:
  • Allows for access to critical door track adjustments
  • Maintain full opening width access
  • Works perfectly in conjunction with entrapment protection.
NorDock Safety Barrier:
  • Prevent forklifts from accidentally being driven off a dock and protects the door
  • Designed to withstand an impact force of over 10,000 pounds at 4 mph, these barriers do the job
Nova Dock Sentinel Safety Gate:
  • Designed to prevent pallet jacks, hand carts, and small items from contacting the dock door or tracks
  • Simple low-cost solution.

Oftentimes there are other precautions or products which may help protect your doors and people. We work with many clients to reduce their costs on door maintenance and repairs. Preventing damage is a big part of it. How can we help you stay protected? Contact Dock & Door Tec to find out.