Hydraulic Levelers

Why Hydraulic?

The lowest lifetime cost of ownership is one benefit of owning a fully hydraulic leveler.  The upfront cost may be a bit higher, but over the life of the leveler (10-20 years depending upon the application) your operating and ownership costs are minimal.  When you factor in component quality, ease of use, and potential safety issues, a hydraulic leveler is simply the smartest investment.

Other benefits include:

  • Structural stability
  • Efficiency
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Integral safety features
  • Consistent operation

NorDock Hydraulic Levelers

We proudly offer NorDock hydraulically operated levelers. Built with high-quality NorDock structure, these levelers are the ultimate in strength, convenience and day-to-day reliability.  NorDock’s exclusive lip lug and header plate and continuous rear hinge mean that your money is spent on the best in the industry.    

All models (except the Constructor™) are built on the same structural platform, giving you get the best built leveler available.

NorDock Hydraulic pit levelers feature:
  • 20-year warranty on front and rear hinges
  • 10-year warranty on remaining structure
  • Self-cleaning front lug design with a full header reduces nuisance service calls and adds strength
  • Full welding on stringers to header
  • 33% weld on stringers to deck
  • Continuous rear hinge (for strength and smooth-transition)
  • Age proven box-design
  • Hydraulic cylinders are built-in house ensuring higher quality and longer life
  • Safer to operate, with the push of a button
  • Frame mounted integral assembly power unit
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated motor
  • Heavy duty regenerative hydraulic cylinders with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high pressure seals

There are a wide range of sizes, capacities and models available:

Heavy-Duty™ Series
  • Full hydraulic lip and deck operation
  • Single push button operation
  • Full operating range telescoping side guards
  • Fall protection velocity fuse
  • Our most popular hydraulic dock leveler
Dual-Duty™ Series
  • Patented unique design utilizes a single hydraulic cylinder to raise the leveler deck and extend the lip with the push of a button
  • Lower cost yet very rugged and dependable hydraulic leveler
Flex-Lip® Series
  • Patented parallelogram linkage system designed to provide level loading throughout its entire working range for the ultimate in smooth transition
  • Eliminates lip crown bump
  • Reduces damage to your goods, your personnel, and your equipment
  • Self adjusting leveler lip has minimum lip crown while allowing lip to lay flat in truck
Super-Duty™ Series
  • The ultimate in strength and reliability
  • These levelers are meant to handle the heaviest of loads and the toughest of applications
  • Ideal for paper, steel, and heavy manufacturing facilities
  • Available in high capacities from 60K up to 200K rating
Performa™ Series
  • Hybrid dock leveler 
  • Combines hydraulic lifting of the deck with a mechanical cam for lip extension
  • Patented Auto-Descent Yieldable lip extension
  • Utilizing the same structure as the Heavy-Duty model, this leveler is built to last at a lower up front cost
Barrier Lip Model
  • The stay put barrier lip extends above the deck platform when in the stored position, preventing accidental fork truck drive-off
  • No sliding components or high replacement part cost issues
Constructor™ Series
  • Designed for the construction industry and light use application
  • Age-old box design with piano type hinge tubes offers a lower upfront cost option

For the ultimate in loading dock security, safety, cleanliness & efficiency view our Telescoping Lip Leveler.

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