Operators / Activation

Most commercial and industrial doors should have some type of powered opener or operator. Dock and Door Tec offers a full range of Liftmaster and Linear commercial product lines. On occasion we may recommend another brand, depending upon your application. We regularly install operators on existing manual doors and with new doors as well. The benefits of having a powered door versus a manual door are:

  • Consistent closing and opening speeds extend door life
  • Even starting and stopping points prevent door damage
  • Prevent unwanted dumping of cables
  • Increased seal and efficiencies
  • Reduced ownership costs
  • Added safety and security reduce your risk and liability

A key item to ensuring your door works properly is the method used to open it. Activation is often overlooked, but it should be front and center in the discussion of how your door will be used and how it can help your processes or efficiencies. Dock & Door Tec partners with BEA, one of the leading activation manufacturers. A few common types of activation include:

  • Push button station (standard and waterproof)
  • Remote control (transmitter & receiver)
  • Pull cords
  • Motion detectors
  • Presence detectors
  • Security readers & keypads

Tremendous strides in door activation detection technology have occurred in recent years. Sensors with the ability to distinguish between mass of objects and direction of travel allow nearly every door to be outfitted with automatic activation. Contact your Dock & Door Tec account rep to review your needs and increase your efficiencies.