Overhead Door Upgrades

Most overhead and sectional doors were installed under the premise of a new construction project. Unfortunately, this often means low bid, low-quality doors and a really fast and really bad installation. The first step is always proper lubrication and adjustment of the doors. This will solve many problems. If more is needed, there are many ways we can keep your doors operating safely and effectively. We routinely:

  • Install upgraded springs with a higher cycle count
  • Replace door shaft with proper shaft for application
  • Add door operators
  • Add manual chain hoists
  • Add windows or lights (food grade available)
  • Install cable keeper springs or Cable Cops
  • Replace residential parts (incorrectly applied) with commercial gauge and higher cycle count parts
  • Increase cable size
  • Upgrade or add weather seal
  • Add door numbers for identification

Don’t trust your door repairs or upgrades to anyone. Work with the commercial and industrial experts at Dock & Door Tec to get it done right, for life.