Dock Locks (Truck Restraints)

There are many names: Dock locks, vehicle restraints, truck locks, safety locks, vehicle locks, automatic wheel chocks and even more. No matter what you call them, if you are serious about safety, you need to have them. A mechanical means of restraining a trailer places the dock attendant in control of when the trailer can leave. Properly applied, installed, maintained and operated dock locks can prevent:

  • Undesired truck departure
  • Trailer creep
  • Trailer upending or landing gear collapse
  • Injuries, accidents, OSHA violations

OSHA powered and industrial lift standard (29CFR) Part 1910.178 states: “The brakes of highway trucks shall be set and wheel chocks placed under the rear wheels to prevent the trucks from rolling while they are boarded with powered trucks.” Additionally: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(k)(1) and (m)(7): Mechanical Means to Secure Trucks or Trailers to a Loading Dock states: “A positive mechanical means to secure trucks or trailers to a loading dock is allowed provided the system is installed and used in a manner that effectively prevents movement of trucks and trailers during loading, unloading and boarding by handtrucks and powered industrial trucks.” There is a wide range of types and models of dock locks. Dock & Door Tec offers all of the various styles:

  • Impact (Rotating Hook)
  • Pit Hooks
  • Non-Impact
  • Non-Conventional
  • Wheel chock style

To truly know which style and specific model works for your needs, a full loading dock survey is needed. Our experts can get you there. Contact your Dock & Door Tec rep to get started.