Safety / Energy / Security / Employee Comfort

The loading dock and warehouse is a rough place. It doesn’t have to be. There are many ways Dock & Door Tec can make your business smoother and save you money along the way. With a long list of products and service/install techniques not offered by anyone else, Dock & Door Tec is the go-to company for increasing safety and compliance, reducing energy loss and costs, meeting security needs and ensuring employee comfort. We offer solutions for everything, including:

  • Safety straps to prevent personnel from the dock drop-off
  • Trailer stands to support dropped trailers
  • Barrier systems to prevent fork truck dock run-off on elevated dock areas
  • Dock lights for OSHA compliance and visibility in the docked trailer
  • Communication lights for coming and going docking trucks
  • Curtain Walls to control temperatures and increase employee comfort
  • Weather seal packages for loading docks, doors and more
  • Under-leveler seals for sealing the fourth side of the dock opening
  • Security solutions such as gates and more

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